A must-have!

Putin judo DVD!!!

MOSCOW — Just weeks after Russia’s state-run media reported that Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin had saved a news crew from a wild tiger, he is flexing his muscles again, this time in an instructional martial arts video.

In one video fragment shown on Russian television, an Asian-style flute whistles in the background, as a black-clad Mr. Putin describes the principles of judo.

“The name itself carries the foundational philosophy: to receive the greatest result with little, but effective, effort,” he says. “In a bout, compromises and concessions are allowed, but only in one case: if it is for victory.”



5 thoughts on “A must-have!”

  1. I was disappointed to learn that Putin tranquilized the tiger instead of beating it down with his bare hands.

  2. This is why we need to vote for McCain- so wolf-hunting Palin can be president in 2010! Obviously the only way to beat Russia will be to set Palin and Putin loose on an uninhabited island filled with the world’s most dangerous predators-and the sole survivor gets to lead BOTH countries.

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