Saddam’s last novel published in Japanese

Reuters is reporting that Saddam Hussein’s last novel, entitled “Get Out of Here, Curse You” in it’s original edition, has just been published in Japan by a minor publishing company.

The book, believed to have been written on the eve of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and titled “Devil’s Dance” in its Japanese translation, hit stores around the nation Friday.

Jordan banned the book on the grounds it could damage ties with Iraq, but pirated copies of the tale of an Arab tribesman who defeats foreign invaders became a bestseller in Amman.

The original manuscript was smuggled out of Iraq by one of Saddam Hussein’s daughters, Raghad, and a copy given to Japanese journalist and translator Itsuko Hirata.

“The novel is dated to the times of ancient tribal society but the tribal warfare depicted in the novel is strikingly similar to what happened and is happening in the Iraqi war — totally,” Hirata told Reuters before the book’s release.

“He (Saddam) knew he was heading into a war he couldn’t win, so I think with this book he was trying to make his position clear and send a message to the Iraqi people.”

The book jacket text reads:

Worldwide first edition!
This is an indictment, and a warning.

That Hussein wrote a novel.

Anyone interested in ordering the book can get it from Amazon Japan here. I expect that the English translation that has most likely already been prepared by CIA analysts will not be published, so this may be your best shot.


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