Bandai lists top cartoon characters in Japan: Anpanman #1 4 years running

Yahoo News (Thanks 2ch):

According to Bandai‘s “Children’s Favorite Cartoon Characters Ranking” released on June 22, “Go! Anpanman” was the top choice for boys and girls for the fourth year in a row.

At #2 and below were, in order: “The Precure Duo“, “Pocket Monsters“, “Winnie the Pooh“, and “Hello Kitty“.

Anpanman was overwhelmingly preferred by the 0-2 age bracket, with 58.6% choosing him as their favorite. For 3-5 year olds the top was “Precure” (LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK), a show popular among young girls. “Pocket Monsters” was the favorite for both the 6-8 and 9-12 age brackets.

On Anpanman’s popularity, Bandai gathered, “There are lots of characters that show up on the show, and the stories, where the goodguys always win, are easy to understand and entertaining for both children and their caregivers.” (Metropolis magazine online has a good article on the origins and popularity of Anpanman)

The survey asked the opinions of 2000 caregivers of children 12 or under in the beginning of April of this year.


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