Sustainable Sushi?

Are you concerned about the overfishing of the oceans, but still want to enjoy the delicious sweet raw flesh of fish? The Monterey Bay Aquarium has recently published a guide to what seafood you should and should not eat in specific areas of the United States. There is unfortunately no guide specific for Japan, but there is a US-centric sushi guide that may be of interest to some readers, and may encourage someone to create a version for Japan. (You’ll note that much of it is not useful because it depends on region — uni, for example, appears in all three categories, depending on its origin in the US).

You can download the pdf at the link.

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Sushi?”

  1. FYI, this has been recently updated, but it isn’t recently released. This program is quite mature.

  2. Nice idea but the rampant mislabeling of sushi, especially at chain kaiten-zushi shops, makes it hard to know exactly what you are eating.

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