Christian sign found in Tokyo

Biking around Takenotsuka, Adachi-ku today I spotted an interesting sign:


“The return of Our Lord Jesus Christ is near – The Bible”

This marks the first Christian sign I’ve seen in Tokyo, though I think that’s just because I don’t get around that much. The sign is posted on the outer wall of a house next to a Zebra pen distributor. There were no other indications that the inhabitants were Christians.

See my earlier post for more info on what these signs are all about.

3 thoughts on “Christian sign found in Tokyo”

  1. It’s a typo.

    The sign should read, “The return of our one and only God Iesu Matayoshi is near.”

  2. Well of course it is. He returns every time there’s an election.

    I see these out in my neighborhood, but you have to get a bit away from train stations and into areas with more vegetable fields to find them in any real numbers.

  3. I kept seeing Romanian flags all over Tokyo… Blue, Red and Yellow. Turns out that’s the Soka Gakai flag.

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