Check out Adamu pontificating on election matters

In case you didn’t catch it, you can watch me commenting on the other night’s election results with Ken and Garrett from Transpacific radio and special guest International Attorney Christopher Gunson.

The video is in three parts:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Skip around a little because apparently there are parts where the sound didn’t quite work. All the same you can hear us cover:

  • Our election predictions, which are almost instantly shown to be way off
  • How the lower house members are chosen
  • Breakdowns of several races
  • What the religious parties New Komeito and Happiness Realization Party are all about
  • What kind of makeup politicians use to smooth out all their wrinkles to achieve the signature “Ichiro Ozawa as slimy salamander” look (thanks to viewer Kozo, we now know they use a kind of grease-based face makeup known as ドーラン in Japanese).
  • And much more!

Once again, thanks so much to TPR for putting everything together and making it a spectacular evening (and for all the pizza too). Also thanks to Marcus for going out of his way to do the sound and video (he even brought a TV light!)

2 thoughts on “Check out Adamu pontificating on election matters”

  1. I was able to watch about 10 mins, pretty good for me… it was actually amusing when you were talking about the quirky candidates.. you looked good πŸ™‚

  2. Glad to be of service. Thanks for giving me an outlet for my random piece of information, and putting on a thoroughly entertaining and insightful election show.

    Speaking of quirky candidates, I was trying to get Saeko Takahashi’s name in that mix. She was running as an independent in my district (Tokyo 19th), and her election manifesto was downright creepy. (e.x. The prefectural governors had ordered for the assassination of the Emperor. etc.) Yet she some how managed to gather more votes than the local HRP candidate. I’ve linked to my election pics which include photos of her hand written manifesto.

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