Creepiest science film

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They just don’t do science like they used to.

2 thoughts on “Creepiest science film”

  1. Try to avoid watching anything around the 5 minute mark if you are eating dinner. Also readers may be interested in this link:
    This describes the film.

    Also, from PubMed
    “Sergei S. Brukhonenko designed and constructed one of the earliest heart-lung machines. He was the first to experimentally perform a total body perfusion with the heart of the animal isolated from the circulation. His work paved the way to the first experimental operations on heart valves. Although Brukhoneko’s pioneering contributions have not received the recognition they deserve, his work represents an important landmark in cardiac surgery.”

    JBS Haldane, the famous scientist narrating this film, was a major leftie as well. No wonder he was glad to front a Soviet film.

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