5 thoughts on “Broken statue with rose [photo]”

  1. There’s a really cool carved head at Ayutthaya (NB: ‘Ayutaya’ does not appear to be the standard Romanization, though I wouldn’t have any clue how Thai is written and the rules of transliteration) that has fallen off its body many many years ago, and is now entwined with thick roots, looking very Indiana Jones. The whole area is pretty cool really (figuratively – literally it’s stinking hot) and back in its heyday there was a substantial Japanese settlement there (before the Tokugawa decided it wasn’t so happy with the outside world).

    Just checked, and the head is actually used as the photo for the Wikipedia article on “Ayutthaya historical park.”

  2. We saw the head too, and of course I have a photo of it- but it’s something everyone’s seen. It is pretty damn awesome though.

    It might be a lotus-I don’t know crap about flowers. But I showed it to a female friend of mine before posting last night, and she said it was a rose. Anyone know for sure?

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