See what Adamu’s reading

It’s not pretty, but I’ve made my Google Notebook public, so MF readers can keep track of what’s been in front of my eyeballs recently, such as Hakuho’s upcoming promotion to Yokozuna and an analyst’s description of Dentsu’s attempts to leverage its near-monopoly of TV ads to dominate the Internet market as well.

7 thoughts on “See what Adamu’s reading”

  1. That article about the roading corporation finding out the red cross was a trademark is interesting. How else could you indicate a first-aid kid simply though? Don’t hundreds of anime and manga already violate that, or do they actually contact the Red Cross each time?

  2. Perhaps that is why hospitals use a kind of white cross?

    According to the law, the red cross mark and its ilk “must not be used in vain” and such uses can land you up to 6 months in jail or fined up to 300,000 yen. I somehow doubt it’s applied much in harmless cases like this or manga except to embarrass Dentsu.

  3. How does Dentsu propose to get in on the act of Internet advertising? I wait with glee for their “strategy.”

  4. Forget NASCAR, I want to get one of those “Web 2.0 buzz indexes” for Mutant Frog.

    And Dentsu’s strategy for the Internet, at least according to this Hasebe person, revolves around using those “search boxes” that come at the end of TV ads (which it essentially controls) and open-air ads to build buzz for web campaigns:


  5. On a similar note, my Google Reader starred-item feed is available here, although it isn’t quite as cool as Adamu’s notebook…

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