I just can’t get used to this クールビズになじめない僕

I mean… he looks good… but all these years of seeing stuffy politicians in suits make this somehow feel wrong:

And the ads are attractive enough:
(More Cool Biz goodness at Nichinichi)

I just can’t get my head around it.

Thankfully, Koizumi’s still wearing a suit to Diet sessions at least (but forgetting his badge, the klutz):

They just look so… relaxed:

But umm.. wtf is this and what does it have to do with not wearing a tie?!

(It’s “Rafutaman” performing his “Stop the ondanka taiso” [Stop the global warming calisthenics] at the Aichi Expo… see, the whole idea of this no necktie, no jacket thing is to stop excessive use of air conditioning, which causes global warming! I really don’t understand this design though: a flying corn kernel with an ampersand on his belt????) Whatever happened to Captain Planet?

This new look for Japan is huge. Maybe people will finally start to relax a little.

7 thoughts on “I just can’t get used to this クールビズになじめない僕”

  1. No necktie, short sleeved polo shirt, shoes off, air cond set to 69… ahhh…

    You know, just doing my part…

  2. Amen to plunge! After work in my office, where the temperature is set to about 24-26, I get home, strip naked, and set my cooler to 17 until I get a headache!

  3. Here in Taipei I just bake. The AC in my room was made in like 1830 and it’s ridiculously weak and energy inefficient. Maybe I’ll replace it with a cheapish new unit before the real HEAT starts.

  4. The purpose is not to take off the necktie.
    However, the assembly member of the Democratic Party(民主党) who opposed Koizumi showed
    the intention of resistance by tightening one’s tie.
    It is a fool in the paradise.

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