Justice denied: The evil Adam Richards gets a plea bargain

Child Abuser Gets Reduced Sentence
Baby Left With Brain Damage, Skull Fractures

CINCINNATI — A woman whose son was left brain damaged by a child abuser is trying to petition Congress for stricter regulations, News 5’s Sheree Paolello reported.

Adam Richards was sentenced Monday to five years in jail as part of a plea bargain. Richards could have faced up to 20 years in jail, but he had no prior record of abusing children like Dillon Cloud.

Cloud was left in a coma, suffering skull fractures and brain damage after Richards spent two weeks baby-sitting him.

During that time, police said, Richards slammed Cloud into his crib — and even held the infant by his ankles and then dropped him.

“[Doctors] had to keep him ice cold so he didn’t have a fever so his brain wouldn’t swell,” Meghan Cloud, Dillon’s mother, said. “He was helpless. He was laying on the bed and we couldn’t do anything.”

She spent weeks in the hospital, and told Paolello she and her family prayed that they would get some closure when Richards was sentenced. Instead, she said, he was let off the hook.

“It flabbergasts me that there are so many cases of this that the prosecutor has to go this route for a plea deal,” Jay Voline, Meghan’s father, said.

Now the family is trying to get a law passed that would require child abusers to register their addresses, in an effort to stymie the type of suffering Dillon has undergone.

“He doesn’t walk — he doesn’t even try to walk,” Cloud said. “He didn’t crawl till he was 11 months old. He struggles to do everything.”

God that is sad. The poor kid!

The son of a bitch that did this really needs to change his name.


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  1. If you ask me, he looks kind of like Commander Robot. Oh wait, that’s the baby. Now I feel all sad.

  2. if i ever saw him i would drop hit from his ankels (off the statue of liberty`s flame)and set him on fire and if he lived i would kick him in the head until his head came off or until i cant kick any more

  3. This man deserves the death sentence and then burn his body to ashes and throw them in the dumpster! This child deserves the best after all he has been through. No mother or anybody for that matter should leave their child arround this ediotic, horrific thing we call a man. He deserves to live somewhere in isolation from the rest of the world!

  4. Yeah give him ideas to change his name and all of a sudden he ends up in your neiborhood idiots! If anything we need a picture of him, and remember that monsters name so hopefully someone out there does run into him and do to him what he did to that little baby…my god how could anyone do that to a baby a human not even an animal!
    if anything remember that name…Adam Richards. I wish to god you get what you deserve! I will pray for that.

  5. I know Adam Richards I think he should he should of got the 20 years so I would of never met him this sucks

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